Ziegler Harvesting

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Kompatibel mit folgenden Herstellern:
  • In OEM colours according to customer wishes.
  • Hot-dipped galvanized header extension support plates (corrosion protection)
  • Also available as a 40 km/h version.
  • Extremely stable manufacture and rotating assemblies.
  • Flexible tail lamp brackets for simple loading and unloading.
  • Transport box for rape seed equipment (optional).
  • Freely-adjustable supports.
Ziegler harvesting offers the widest model range of header trailers on the european market – with four basic models (single axle, two-axle, tandem axle and the new 4-wheel turn two-axle) which are available in different lengths and with matching pads fitting the customer needs. The new standard hot-dipped galvanized interlock and surface is only one of the Ziegler header trailer’s advantages. This guarantees maximum protection against corrosion and therefore achieves a longer shelf life.

• Storage box (single-axle & tandem & dual-axle 2WT)
• Storage box (dual-axle 4WT)
• Parking brake (single axle)
• 30 km/h version (single axle)
• 40 km/h version (dual axle)
• TÜV certification
• Reflector set (2x warning sign and reflectorstripes)
• Side marker lamps
• Rotating flashing beacon
• Magnetic warning sign "Achtung Fahrzeug schert aus"
• Magnetic warning sign "Achtung Überlänge"
• Wheel cover set for header trailers
• Positioning assistance for an easier dropping of headers
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