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  • • 5-fold tilt adjustment of the left swing arm with leaf spring support
  • • Schumacher knife gear and mowing system
  • • Transition plates made of high quality spring steel (C75) with integrated stone trap
  • • Adjustable sliding curves
  • • Swing arms supported by leaf springs and 5-way adjustable (+/- 6 °)
  • • Narrow drive side to the left of max. 250 mm
  • • Drive pulley in the same alignment as the original drive
  • • Easy-to-install plug-in system for mounting and dismounting
  • • Prerequisite: height of pivot point inclined conveyor (i.e. tires 800/65/32 ……)
  • • Adaptable to Claas C and V series and Deutz cutting units
  • • Cutter bar flexibility from 10 to 15 cm

The FLEX PROFI can easily manage uneven soils.

Soybeans pose a particular challenge during harvest. Whole soy crops or low grown soy pods are remaining on the ground. Cutting losses of 500 kg per hectare are not uncommon, but there is a reliable solution for soy harvesring available soon: the FLEX PROFI soybean header adaptor from ZIEGLER. The low position of the cutting bar and a moderate, constant working speed ensure additional yield during the soy harvest.The blade system and the „Pro-Drive“ drive of the mower blades of the FLEX PROFI are manufactrured by Schumacher.

Thanks to the easy-to-install plug-in system the assembling of the header to the combine is child‘s play. Transport and storage are no problem with the optionally available transport frame. The sliding curves are individually adjustable, the swing arms are supported by leaf springs and 5-way adjustable (+/- 6 °). An integrated stone trap behind the transition plates also protects the combine.

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