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  • Robust self-supporting structure with relatively light weight
  • An integrated hydraulic system
  • With electric, hydraulic, or mechanic side knives
  • Maintenance-free tumble gearing
  • Schumacher cutting system with separately screwed mowing blades
  • Fits all common grain headers

Economical, efficient, simple

Being world market leader in rapeseed harvesting technology, ZIEGLER offers a versatile technique in rapeseed harvesting. With its rapeseed header extensions, we place importance on individuality and offers the market’s greatest model choice – for cutting systems with working widths of 3.60 up to 9.30 meters and for a lot of different brands. The Installation of the extension to all common harvesters is very simple and does not require any special tools. Also, the Header extension ensures minimal losses during harvesting. With the same harvesting speed as the header itself and low Vibration of the table sides, productivity is further enhanced.

Basic equipment
Every ZIEGLER rapeseed header extension is standardly equipped with two mechanical side knives or one side knife (hydraulical or electrical) on the Right side. Optionally, you can order the left rapeseed side knife as well. ZIEGLER delivers side knives separately, too. Get the information here or contact us directly.

We offer
ZIEGLER HARVESTING offers header extensions for (nearly) every Header of the most common brands – also for CLAAS Cerio headers. Give us your harvester and header type – we‘ll send you the right offer. Cutter bars with double fingers made by ‘Schumacher‘ and individually screwed mowing blades, 10,4cm long, guarantee the best cutting quality. Rapeseed side knives with 1,35m cutting length also give their best. All used knives are galvanized and another quality feature of ZIEGLER rapeseed header extensions. In general, our extensions enable easy and comfortable access to the components and are equipped with V-belts. Four quick releases guarantee flawless fit. The installed Schumacher gearing ensures low wear. Galvanized sidewalls guarantee maximum protection against corrosion.

Optionally, different rapeseed knives can be installed at the ZIEGLER rapeseed header extension. The usage of side knives can reduce harvest losses and is efficient in any weather. Also, the side knives can be mounted on every header, in the shortest amount of time possible.

• RT Rapeseed side knife (left)
• Upgrade kit for the second rapeseed side knife

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Technical specifications

Arbeitsbreite600 - 699cm700 - 799cm800 - 915cm
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