Ziegler Harvesting

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  • Available both as rigid and foldable version.
  • Suited for all harvester models due to interchangeable mounting frame.
  • Features high-performance collector units (with standard torque limiter and slipping clutch).
  • The very flat design and the self-tensioning drive belts enable very sparing harvesting.
  • The hinged lateral sections and the rear collector fence contribute to further increase the yield.

• Multicoupling
• Hydraulic clutch


TypeRowsRow distance (cm)Width (cm) 70Width (cm) 75Width (cm) 80Wight (kg)
SC5S570, 75, 803703904101200
SC6S670, 75, 804404654901300
SC8S870, 75, 805806156501850
SC10S1070, 75, 807207658102350
SC12S1270, 75, 808609159702850
SC6K670, 75n.a.n.a.1300
SC8K870, 75n.a.n.a.1850
SC10K1070, 75n.a.n.a.2350
SC12K1270, 75n.a.n.a.2850
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